Apply to be a member of staff at NSPC 

Thank you for showing an interest in working with NSPC. 

You can submit your application online by completing the online form starting on this page,  or you can request a copy of the application form from our human resources department.

Completing it online means that we receive it automatically.  If you want to fill it in and post it, our address is:

Human resources, NSPC Ltd., Existential Academy, 61-63 Fortune Green Road, London NW6 1DR, UK

If you decide to fill it in online, you can do this page by page.  We will save each page, and you can resume filling in later if that is more convenient. 

Please note that we will also need the following documents before we can finalize your application.  You can bring these in when you come for interview, send them to us, or send them electronically (we may need to see the originals of some of these documents later):

Once we receive your completed application, we will arrange an interview with one of the NSPC senior staff.

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